Additional Employer Services

In addition to our particular expertise in training adult learners in a wide range of hard and soft skills subjects, we also provide a variety of other useful services that help employers effectively and creatively meet the challenges of managing a diverse and multi-faceted workforce.

Job Posting Service:

Employers can post job openings free of charge on Operation A.B.L.E.’s online job board to recruit new hires from the highly skilled, experienced, and dedicated mature job seekers that visit our web site daily.


Operation A.B.L.E. works closely with employers to arrange internships for our highly skilled training program graduates, as well as for qualified mature job seekers in need of current work experience.  As the intern benefits from valuable on-the-job experience, the employer gets to try out new talent at no cost while evaluating the intern’s prospects for permanent employment.

Outplacement Services:

  • Group Outplacement —  When companies close, Operation A.B.L.E. can help your downsized employees transition more easily to other work opportunities.  Topics covered in class include creating a resume, creating a cover letter, applying on line, using social media to find work, effective interviewing tips and negotiating the offer.  A minimum of two days is needed to cover all topics.
  • Individual Outplacement — Operation A.B.L.E. can also assist downsized individuals who need help transitioning into a new job.  Downsized employees would meet with a career counselor to assist them in finding new opportunities and to cover the essentials of job search including:  resume writing, cover letters, applying on line, effective interviewing techniques, using social media to help with the job search, negotiating the job offer and much more.

Temp Services:

Operation A.B.L.E. can help employers meet their temporary employment needs by identifying the right candidate for a project or job and putting them on ABLE’s payroll while the employer determines if s/he is the right fit for the company.  We will work out a mutually acceptable fee for this candidate(s) that will be very competitively priced.

Incumbent Worker Counseling:

Operation A.B.L.E. can provide counseling for incumbent workers at your company.  For some employees, they need assistance learning how to navigate your company’s system for getting promoted or what skills are needed to be eligible for the next higher job.  For others, they need assistance with job performance.  Often, if we can intercede early enough, we can turn poor performance around and make the employee’s job performance much more acceptable.  For still others, they need assistance in winding down their careers but they don’t want to retire completely.  We can work with potential retirees and management to design a retirement plan that is a win-win—good for the company and good for the individual.