Communication and Relationship Building Skills

Research shows that 85% of a person’s success depends on relational skills: the ability to know people and interact with them. Interpersonal skills are increasingly critical because of five factors of growing importance in most organizations today: technology, time, intensity, diversity, and liability. This program’s objective is to raise awareness about how to build good relationships through effective communication.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Define their communication competence
  • Use the Johari Window to improve understanding between individuals
  • Use both verbal and non-verbal communication in team/group settings
  • Deal with conflict through negotiation
  • Use influence skills to settle differences of opinion
  • Understand the impact that building trust can have on human interaction

Participant benefits include:

  • Stronger customer service/relations skills
  • Proficiency in dealing with difficult situations
  • Better understanding of the dynamics of human interaction

Duration: 6-Hour Seminar (1 Day).

Cost: Operation A.B.L.E. will develop a training proposal based on the specific
requirements of the organization and the trainees.