Quick Start:  Computer Boot Camp for the Accomplished Job Seeker

Designed specifically for career centers and job search support providers.

Quick Start was designed for job seekers that managed to succeed in their professional lives, but are suddenly hamstrung by their lack of Microsoft Office skills.  They could be accomplished college graduates, entrepreneurs, tradespeople, maintenance technicians, medical industry workers, retail professionals, plant managers, or come from any number of rich employment backgrounds.

But to return to meaningful employment, where they can bring their talents, years of experience, and unique skills to bear on resuming their careers, they need to learn the basics of MS Windows, Word, Excel, and Outlook – the computing skills required of nearly every new job applicant today – even keyboarding.   From the ABLE Quick Start foundation, trainees can move on to search for jobs with greater confidence, use the Internet more effectively, and create cover letters and resumes that demonstrate proficiency in using technology.

Quick Start is an ideal training solution that can be deployed at career centers, community organizations, veterans’ organizations, local chambers of commerce, union halls, or any location in which participants and members are encountering the technology hurdle on their way to meaningful employment.

Participants will learn:

  • To use the Internet more effectively for job searching
  • To perform the major tasks in MS Word that are required of nearly all entry level job applicants
  • How to create MS Excel spreadsheets and use basic functions
  • To master MS Outlook for e-mail creation and management, and developing contact lists and calendars
  • How programs like Kenexa ProveIt 4.0, the electronic skills testing and evaluation software for MS Office applications, are used in corporate recruitment

Participant benefits include:

  • Working knowledge of the office technologies required to land most jobs today
  • Confidence to apply for desired jobs requiring MS Office skills
  • Solid foundation on which to build MS Office proficiency


The length of each training engagement will depend on the need and number of trainees and the strategic objectives of the client.


Operation A.B.L.E. will develop a training proposal based on the specific requirements of the organization and the trainees.