Beginners Crash Course

Information technology has permeated the American workplace.  Yet, many employers still maintain operational areas in which computer skills are not required.  But as organizations discover new ways to utilize business information, they are deploying technology into previously paper-based environments, where valued and productive workers with limited computer skills must be trained to adapt to changing times.

Operation A.B.L.E.’s instructor-led Beginners Crash Course helps organizations ease the transition of paper-based functions into their electronic reporting environments, enabling them to capture important critical information at its source.  This not only helps them successfully bridge the technology gap and speed the movement of information; it helps them enhance a valuable asset through a cost-effective training program.

We have been training adult learners since 1982, many of them users with little or no familiarity with MS Office or Windows. Yet, they excel in our classes because our trainers understand the challenges they face in learning new technology.

Participants will learn:

  • The basics of MS Word to create and save documents
  • How to use MS Outlook to communicate internally and move MS Word documents through the organization
  • Keyboarding skills needed for maximum productivity

Participant benefits include:

  • Learning from trainers familiar with the needs and challenges of adult learners
  • Learning to adapt to employers’ evolving data processing requirements
  • Learning to create and maintain records for easy data verification
  • Discovering potential for developing additional tech skills
  • Enhancing “employability” enables workers to feel more confident and secure


The length of each training engagement will depend on the need and number of trainees and the strategic objectives of the client.


Operation A.B.L.E. will develop a training proposal based on the specific requirements of the organization and the trainees.