Beyond the Basics

What makes a presentation memorable? Is it the captivating content?  The dynamic delivery?  Are strong speakers the only ones with a “natural ability” to get ideas across?
Today, presenting information is part of everyone’s job description, whether in a one-on-one conversation, a team meeting, or discussions with internal or external customers.
Students will learn seven methods used by professional speakers to move presentations from routine to memorable.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Include the four major components of an effective presentation: audience, speaker, content and environment in every presentation
  • Identify and organize a presentation’s key theme and supporting ideas
  • Apply a three-step presentation model: “plan, deliver, evaluate” to a current presentation.
  • Sound spontaneous using a structured approach

Participant benefits include:

  • Presentation outline that can be customized for any audience
  • Framework for writing strong presentation openings and closings
  • Non-verbal and vocal delivery tips


3.5 hours minimum. Actual workshop duration can be adjusted upward based on employer’s training requirements.


Operation A.B.L.E. will develop a training proposal based on the specific requirements of the organization and the trainees.