Leveraging Social Media

Social Recruiting, or the use of social media to recruit new talent, is gaining popularity among human resource professionals.  In 2011, 89% of U.S. companies used social networks to recruit new talent.  Why?  Because 84% of jobseekers are ‘hanging out’ on these platforms, to the tune of 14.4 million new hires as a result.*

In this workshop, HR professionals will learn how to leverage and integrate the leading social networking platforms into their recruitment strategies for maximum return on investment.
Participants will gain insight into using these platforms to reduce cost-per-hire, increase referrals, mine for “passive candidates,” and vet prospective candidates.

They will learn the following:

  • The best social media platform(s) for the situation at hand
  • How to use each platform for the desired outcome
  • How to vet candidates through social media and the examination of the online reputation checklist
  • Address job seeker expectations and increase employer transparency

Participant benefits include:

  • Understanding of where to begin
  • Expanded reach beyond personal networks
  • Access to qualified passive candidates
  • Increased response rates rather than traditional cold calling and emailing
  • Incorporates ‘Best Practices’ to showcase your employment brand

Downloadable extras:

  • The Essential Guide To Developing A Social Recruiting Strategy
  • INFOGRAPHIC: How Recruiters Screen Candidates Using Social Media


The length of each training engagement will depend on the need and number of trainees and the strategic objectives of the client.


Operation A.B.L.E. will develop a training proposal based on the specific requirements of the organization and the trainees.

*Jobvite’s Social Recruiting Survey 2011