Maintaining Pre-Retirement Productivity

Seasoned employees are of great value to organizations, but not if they’re preoccupied by an impending retirement and the general restlessness that goes with planning a future. Often referred to as “The Third Age”, this new period in mid-life challenges us to reexamine the way we live and transform the way we age. Maintaining worker morale during a transition period is critical to individual productivity and organizational success.

This experiential workshop will guide participants who are either contemplating or approaching retirement how to think ahead and plan a future of living in passion and purpose. The goal is to help them take the worry out of their workday and stay focused on their work. Your older employees will see this as
a strong employee benefit.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Explore their concerns and preconceived ideas about aging and retirement and set the stage for thinking differently about living in the second half of life.
  • Evaluate life experience, explore life options and opportunities, and plan for their transition now and in the future
  • Reassess passions, gifts, and values to lead them or reignite a life of meaning and purpose
  • Establish concrete goals and an action plan
  • Learn from each other

Participant benefits include:

  • Fresh outlook and perspective
  • Options and ideas for “Third Age”
  • Sense of purpose, motivation and commitment regarding the future
  • Though not about financial planning, an understanding about what he/she wants that will give more clarity on what is needed financially
  • Resources and tools to provide ongoing supporting of the development of a life plan

Duration: 6 hours seminar (1 day).