Michelle J. Routhier
ROSS Grant Coordinator
Quincy Housing Authority 

For three years Operation ABLE was under contract to the Quincy Housing Authority administrating QHA’s resident Computer Literacy/Job Retention Program.  Operation ABLE has been extremely successful in their efforts to establish QHA families residents a “One Stop” Career and Development Center.  They were very effective in providing a top notch program for  beginners and advanced students of all ages computer skill training;  Keyboarding, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, QuickBooks and Medical Terminology.

In addition, they repaired broken program equipment, replace old computers with newer models and provided state-of-the-art MS Office 10 software in QHA’s computer lab.

Operation ABLE was successful in taking low income individuals who were receiving DTA or unemployment benefits and give them the skills they need to find employment.  They also attained an 80% success rate of program graduates finding employment or going onto higher learning institutes.

I truly believe that any agency who is able to retain Operation ABLE  will only benefit from their services.